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Lakeville MN Real Estate

Lakeville real estate is available, affordable, and a wise investment. Located just 23 miles from downtown Minneapolis, employment and entertainment opportunities for residents are endless. Through managed growth, Lakeville MN real estate's value is expected to rise. Read More

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Lakeville Minnesota Information

The City of Lakeville, Minnesota in Dakota County began its existence simply as a road. In 1853, Captain William B. Dodd directed the construction of what is now Dodd Boulevard. At the time, the road connected military forts in St. Paul to forts further south. In 1855, 250 acres of land along the road was designated as Lakeville.

Named after nearby Prairie Lake, the site was chosen because it was about halfway between St. Paul and St. Peter. Lakeville, with its convenient access to the metropolitan area, has experienced phenomenal growth since these humble roots, though the city has preserved its 19th century downtown and agriculture is still a primary industry.

Lakeville MN's close proximity to Interstate Highway 35 has allowed this suburb to grow at a rapid pace. Because of this, Lakeville MN real estate offers a great place to relocate or expand an existing business.

At the 2000 census, there were 43,128 people living in Lakeville MN. In July 2006, it was estimated that the population was just over 53,000. That is a 23% expansion in less than six years! At the current rate, Lakeville is expected to become the largest city in Dakota County by the year 2020.

Lakeville Minnesota Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in Lakeville MN offer the advantages of living near the "big city" while providing the friendly atmosphere of a smaller community. Lakeville proudly maintains a historic downtown neighborhood and other mature residential areas in addition to newer developments and communities.

Single family homes for sale in Lakeville MN typically start at $200,000 with some homes priced at over $1 million. Lakeville town home prices range from $170,000 to nearly $500,000. Lakeville MN condos tend to range in price from $125,000 to $150,000.

New Homes for Sale in Lakeville Minnesota

Choosing to buy a new home in Lakeville Minnesota over an existing home can have many advantages. Building trends change over the years, leading to a better use of available space. Most new homes for sale in Lakeville MN have energy efficient windows, appliances, and are constructed using materials that decrease energy costs.

Many new homes in Lakeville MN come with warranties on critical areas like the roof and the foundation. New homes generally have better wiring systems and must obey strict modern building codes.

Lakeville Minnesota Home Builders

When searching for a Lakeville Minnesota home builder, home shows and open houses sponsored by builders are good opportunities to look at homes. Houses in home shows and model homes are often furnished to offer ideas for using the space. It may also be wise to ask to see unfurnished homes.

Researching Lakeville MN home builders doesn't stop there, however. Ask to tour some homes that are under construction. Ask to speak to people that are currently living in homes the builder has constructed. Not all Lakeville MN home builders are the same. Putting in the legwork to find the right one will be worth it in the end.

Lakeville Minnesota Realtors

Before you do buy or sell in a home in Lakeville Minnesota, be sure you have a professional Realtor on your side. In fact, hire a whole team! The Realtors at Barker & Hedges will work together to help you understand the Lakeville Minnesota real estate market, screen prospective buyers and sellers, and negotiate on your behalf. Navigating the Real Estate market is exhausting. Hiring an experienced and reputable Lakeville Minnesota Realtor can help your transaction run smoothly. From your first home to your retirement home, the Realtors Barker & Hedges are here to help you achieve your real estate objectives!

Discover great homes in Lakeville MN and contact the Realtors at Barker & Hedges with any questions you have about the market and their superior agent services.