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State of Minnesota Cracking Down on Distracted Drivers

Did you know that one quarter of crashes in Minnesota last year were caused by distracted driving? That seems way too high of a number and a statistic that needs to drop considerably.  The Minnesota Department of ...

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St. Paul Condos

St. Paul, along with Minneapolis, form the area known as the Twin Cities. St. Paul is a thriving center of industry and commerce, playing host to such notable companies as 3M. Another nickname that St. Paul holds is "15 small towns with one mayor." This is due to the division of the city into 15 different and unique neighborhoods. .Read More

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The downtown core is an eclectic mix of cultures and people, and you do not need to go far to find sights and areas of interest. One of the most dominant features of St. Paul's skyline is the Cathedral of St. Paul. This historic church gave the city its name and has resided here since 1906. Right in the heart of downtown lies Harriet Island Regional Park. A magnificent place for picnics and special events, this island park has a character all its own. Landmark Plaza is another interesting sight to see in St. Paul as the park is the home to the bronze statues of Charlie Brown and other Peanuts characters. They are part of a tribute to Charles Schultz, the creator of one of America's most beloved comic strips.

St. Paul Condos are in high demand as this city continues to expand. Numerous condominiums are actively selling and new developments are occurring all the time. St. Paul is a vibrant city and the condominium developments reflect the ever changing face of the city. Condo purchases require the services of a skilled and educated condo professional. Contact Matt Barker for thoughtful and knowledgeable assistance in your purchase of a St. Paul Condo.