New First Time Home Buyer Resource for Minnesota

As real estate prices tumble and the amount of programs to help out homeowners, many Minnesotans are considering buying their first home soon.  However, there are a lot of low-quality websites out there that don’t provide a lot of useful information for the potential first time home buyer.  It can make researching the process of buying your first home a longer process than it has to be.

Because of the lack of real, comprehensive information for first time home buyers considering buying a home in the Twin Cities area, we have launched the Minnesota First Time Home Buyer Website.  At this site, readers will find information about federal first time home buyer programs, Minnesota state first time home buyer programs, and Minnesota county first time home buyer programs.  In addition, there is information regarding first time home buyer programs for Minneapolis and Saint Paul and neighborhood programs. 

At this first time home buyer website, you can learn about mortgage terms and use a mortgage calculator to roughly estimate how much you could hypothetically spend on a home.  You can register for a home buying seminar to learn an abundance of information about the home buying process.  Though not every part of the site is fully operational, soon other Minnesota first time home buyer resources will be available to cover other topics a first time home buyer may not have thought about in the quest to buy a home, including the hidden costs associated with home ownership.

One of the best features of this site that is not active yet will be a forum for Minnesota first time home buyers where they can discuss the home buying process and related topics with other home buyers going through it.  Check the new site often for new content and the activation of the first time home buyer forum!

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