Saint Paul Trees Need Your Help

The benefit of trees provide to society, particularly in densely populated and upwardly developed communities such as St. Paul, are far-reaching. They lower heating and air conditioning costs, prevent erosion, provide wildlife habitats, increase property values, provide shade shade on hot sunny days, and are visually appealing against the hard surfaces found in the city.  Whether you realize it at first or not, trees make our lives better.

Publicly owned trees which create St. Paul’s urban forest are essential to the vitality of a city as any other component of community infrastructure.  Like streets, sidewalks, public buildings, and recreational facilities, trees are a major capital asset.  They gain value over the years as they mature and grow.  However, to reach this maturity, they must be maintained. 

Saint Paul residents are being asked to water their trees because of the shortage of rainfall this year.

The city's forestry experts are offering a host of suggestions on how to water trees:

  • Water trees in the early morning or evening.
  • Smaller trees need to be watered every other day for 30 to 60 minutes; a slow trickle of water the tree's base is best.
  • Larger trees need watering two to three per week for one to two hours; use a trickle or slow stream around the drip line. That's where water would drip during a rainfall.

City of St. Paul officials say that a tree that needs watering often has yellowed, drooping or wilting leaves, or a premature loss of leaves.

Rainfall for the year is 4.5 inches below normal. July was 1.77 inches short.

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