Moving to St. Paul

St, Paul is becoming an increasingly popular area in which to live. Featuring the convenience of proximity within the Twin Cities, St. Paul is a fantastic place to live work and raise a family. However, if you are looking for more reasons to move to this beautiful area, here are some other things to think about.

1. Schools - The St. Paul area is home to some fantastic schools. Whether your child attends public schooling, a charter school or private schools, St. Paul schools have a very high attendance rate and a graduation rate of 80%. There is also a great selection of post secondary options in the St. Paul area including the University of St. Thomas, Metropolitan State University and Hamline University.

2. Amazing Homes - This city is the location for some beautiful homes. In particular, the Downtown St. Paul area is widely known for its trendy loft condos. There are also beautiful single family homes located throughout the St. Paul area. No matter what your tastes, you will find a great home in St. Paul.

3. Employment - The employment sector in St. Paul is thriving. There is a strong, educated and skilled workforce here that provides a backbone for numerous types of industry and business. Finding meaningful employment in St. Paul is not hard.

4. People - This city is possessed of a fantastic sense of community. Friendly and welcoming people have created an atmosphere of community spirit and belonging that is highly desirable. New home owners feel welcomed and a real part of the community very quickly.

5. Expansion - With the interest in this area, has come expansion. New homes and businesses are cropping up at an impressive pace. This expansion brings with it an increase in social programs, home values and private and public services. This is creating a great market for homes and properties and the opportunities are unending.

6. Diverse Population - This area boasts an economically and racially diverse population with an abundance of culture from around the globe. This has created a wonderfully synchronized community with a strong emphasis on family values and equality.

7. Investment - The real estate industry in St. Paul is on the rise. This area is a great location for investing due to the need for quality housing. Home owners are enjoying the rise in their equity, and investors are also realizing a high ROI on their investment properties.

8. St. Paul residents enjoy a great package of amenities that are supplied by the city. The professionally run and managed public services and utilities see to it that residents are supplied with every necessity of life, and that their homes and properties receive the services that keep them in pristine order.

9. Things to Do - There is never a shortage of things to do in St. Paul. This area provides excellent recreational options as well as a great selection of entertainment and dining choices. The downtown area in particular is a lively and diverse area with a huge selection of things to do.

10. Scenery - The scenery in St. Paul is simply beautiful. In particular the Como or "Garden District" area is a favorite of residents and visitors alike. There are numerous parks surrounding scenic Como Lake that add a natural element to this amazing city.