Dayton's Bluff St Paul MN Real Estate

Real estate in the Dayton's Bluff neighborhood of Saint Paul offers many things, most of which is its prime location. Situated on the east side of Downtown St. Paul, Dayton's Bluff overlooks the skyline and Interstate 94. The Burlington Northern Railroad and Grove Street run along the northern border of the neighborhood with Warner Road bordering to the south. The western border is made up of Highway 3 and Lafayette Road, with the highly trafficked Highway 61 to the east. The Dayton’s Bluff area has quick access to all areas of the Twin Cities and features some truly breathtaking views.

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Dayton's Bluff MN Information

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Dayton's Bluff offers a great variety of homes and condos. Today, Dayton's Bluff showcases its connection to its early history. Since the 1800's, this neighborhood has offered breathtaking views of downtown St. Paul. This created a perfect location for one of Saint Paul's first upscale suburbs. A handful of the early Victorian houses still stand along the bluff even. They have been joined by modern single-family homes and condos that look out over the picturesque layout of downtown St. Paul.

Many of the wealthiest St. Paul residents constructed their large, beautiful homes in this neighborhood. These affluent Minnesotans have included Lyman Dayton, who bought almost 5,000 acres in the area. Dayton erected his home on that property and is the namesake for the neighborhood. Many of the homes in the area, but not all, have been modernized.

Post Civil War, the Dayton's Bluff area became less upscale and more accessible for the working class. Many skilled German immigrants called the Northwest area of the neighborhood home, the area that now houses a large concentration of 19th century buildings. Here, you can find both Queen Anne and Italianate styles of architecture.

Aside from all these historic properties, the neighborhood’s most significant feature is Indian Mounds Park. The Hopewell Native Americans used Dayton’s Bluff as a sacred burial ground over 1,000 years ago. In the park, six burial mounds are still in tact.

The northern and western areas of Dayton’s Bluff were home to many prosperous industries, one of which still remains today: Hamm’s Brewery. In the late 1800’s, the Hamm’s Brewery was one of the largest in the Northwest. Many of the houses surrounding the brewery were built by the Hamm family back when the brewery was firing on all cylinders. Since those days, the ownership has changed hand many times — the beer stopped flowing out of the brewery in 1997.

Dayton's Bluff MN Homes & Condos

The East Side Neighborhood Development Company and the Dayton’s Bluff Community Council have been working tirelessly over the years to revitalize the area, some of which is still dated and in need of modernization. The neighborhood has a high volume of 19th century homes, featuring the styles of Queen Anne, Victorian, and Italianate. The bulk of the homes in the neighborhood were constructed before the 1950’s. The Dayton’s Bluff Neighborhood Housing Service offers potential buyers assistance financially to help with home purchase in the Dayton’s Bluff area.

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