Saint Croix Falls WI Real Estate

Many people are drawn to St. Croix Falls, WI, real estate because of its picturesque views overlooking the St. Croix River. This beautiful landscape has been attracting residents and tourists for more than one hundred years. With easy access to the St. Croix Riverway as well as easy transportation via U.S. Route 8, Wisconsin Highway 35, and Wisconsin Highway 87, Saint Croix Falls has been expanding at a steady pace in more recent years. At the year 2000 Census, there were 2,033 residents. By July 2006, that number had reached 2,175, a change of 7%. Real Estate in Saint Croix Falls, WI is surely worth investigating. Read More

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Saint Croix Falls WI Homes for Sale

Homes for sale in St. Croix Falls, WI, come in a variety of housing opportunities. From large, expansive homes for families to smaller, cozy houses for couples or singles, one is sure to find a piece of Saint Croix Falls real estate to suit any need. This city has an owner-occupancy rate of about 65%, making this a good location for finding investment real estate. Prices of homes for sale in St. Croix Falls WI begin at around $95,000 for a single bedroom home and climb as high as $1,000,000. The average sale price of a single family home in this city is about $265,151.

Saint Croix Falls Wisconsin Realtors

Hiring a committed, experienced and qualified Realtor is one of the most important decisions you will make when choosing to buy or sell St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin real estate. The professional Realtors at Barker & Hedges are dedicated to providing personalized support to help our clients realize their property dreams. Our Realtors will work closely with you to provide knowledge, advice, and negotiate on your behalf to create a stress free transaction. Whether you desire to buy or sell a home in Saint Croix Falls WI, the Realtors at Barker & Hedges will make sure you are 100% satisfied with your transaction when we hand over the keys.

Saint Croix Falls Wisconsin Information

St. Croix Falls is a city in Polk County, Wisconsin. This city can be found on the eastern banks of the St. Croix River. Saint Croix Falls has a deep history and is the birthplace of what was to become Polk County. In 1856, the first bridge built across the St. Croix River was located between this city and Taylors Falls, Minnesota. The first newspaper established in Polk County, "The Croixian," began at Saint Croix Falls in December, 1860. A dam and powerhouse, first built in 1907, brought another era of growth to town and hid the "falls" under the water held back by the dam. The "falls" weren't even an actual waterfall, it was actually rapids that fell 40 feet in 6 miles. Now the St. Croix River is a federally designated natural and scenic river way, making St. Croix Hydro the only existing dam on the river. This rich history has helped St. Croix Falls evolve into a beautiful and charming city in the valley of the Saint Croix River.

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